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Dr. Pawan Ola (DM)

Department of cardiology offers cardiac care facilities. Our team comprise of DM Cardiology Doctors, Specialist Doctors, provide consultation and management.

  • Valvular heart disease
  • Coronary artery disease
  • Congenital heart disease
  • Hypertension & related disorders.
  • Temporary cardiac pacing.
  • ECG
  • CTMT
  • 2D Echo (both adults & pediatrics)
  • Continues cardiac monitoring
  • Defibrillators

Coronary Heart Disease- A Silent Killer

Coronary heart disease (CHD) occurs when your coronary arteries that are the arteries that supply your heart muscle with oxygen-rich blood become narrowed by a gradual build-up of fatty material within its walls. It is very dangerous in nature as it causes severe damage which may result in heart failure or myocardial infarctions. Treatment to this disease can be sought in Rungta Hospital, a known cardiology hospital in Jaipur or any other major city across the nation. From a young age, cholesterol-laden plaque can start to deposit in the blood vessel walls. With age the plaque burden builds up, that results in inflaming the blood vessel walls that in turn raises the risk of blood clots and heart attack. It is therefore very important to visit Heart specialist hospital in Jaipur or whichever city you reside in from time to time to get a thorough cardiac checkup. Many top cardiology institutions in Rajasthan provide the cardiology doctors in Jaipur who are competent and skilled for the treatment of coronary heart disease and many other complicated cardiac disorders. Every adult should go for timely checkups to prevent fatal attacks and cardiac diseases.