Laproscopic & Bariatric Surgery

The Hospital has a full-fledged surgical department catering for all aspects of open and laparoscopic surgical care under one roof. With state-of-the-art equipments and immense expertise, the department is fully equipped to handle all kind of minor, major and supra major surgeries.

Our General Surgeons and Laparoscopic Surgeons perform a wide variety of routine and special surgical procedures like – Laparoscopic Surgeries and minimal invasive surgeries. The advantage of the Laparoscopic Surgeries is maximum patient comfort, early discharge, early mobility, least chances of infection and least amount of pain.

Laparoscopic surgical procedures are performed through small surgical incisions (5-7mm) and they dramatically reduce the post operative hospital stay of the patient. This surgery is also called as ‘key-hole’ or ‘band-aid’ surgery due to their small size of the external surgical wound.

• Cholecystectomy
• Diagnostic Laparoscopy
• Appendectomy
• Inguinal hernia repair
• Incisional and ventral hernia repair
• Adrenalectomy
• Splenectomy
• Treatment of hydatid disease of the liver
• Fundoplication for heart burn
• Cardiomyotomy for achalasia cardia
• Colectomy
• Rectopexy
• Treatment for varicocele
• Bariatric Surgery and Sleeve gastrectomy for morbid obesity

Dr A K Mathur

Laparoscopic & Bariatric Surgery