“Gall Bladder Stone Causing Small Intestine obstruction”

Shremati Anguri Devi 70 year old female was admitted in Rungta Hospital with the history of pain abdomen. USG abdomen revealed 5 cm stone in the intestine. Looking to the severity of pain & obstructive symptoms she was requiring immediate surgery.

The surgery was performed by Dr. A.K.Mathur with high risk consent. A 5 cm calculus was removed from the small intestine. Dr.Mathur expressed that the stone has travelled from gall bladder to duodenum and then migrated into small intestine causing obstruction resulted into severe pain (rare instance).The surgery was planned uneventful and patient is likely to be discharged in a day or 2.

Hospital Management, consultants and the staff of the hospital convey hearty congratulation Dr AK Mathur and his Team for this excellent surgery.