Session on “5 S Implementation” on dt.08/08/2014

As the quality in healthcare industry has become paramount to continue in the industry. Rungta hospital has also stepped up to improve the quality of services in the Hospital and go for the NABH Accreditation.


As an initiative an interactive session was taken by Dr J.L.Meena State Healthcare Quality Assurance and NABH Assessor on the implementation of 5S concept for streamlining the scattered material in the Hospital. Mr. SC Tiwari, General Manager, welcomed Dr JL Meena to the Hospital and informed the quorum about the initiatives taken by the Hospital towards NABH Accreditation. Dr Meena during his session, emphasised on optimum utilisation of resources, he expressed the importance of 5 S (sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardise, Sustain & Self discipline)implementation in organisation to remove scrape and enhance the quality and make the work space better than earlier to improve the efficiency and the work output of the employees. The session was interactive full of audio-visual effects. The participants has also interacted with the speaker and have realised the importance of the concept not only at their workplace but in all arenas of their lives.

Lastly, Dr.P.P.Khandelwal, Medical Director, of Rungta Hospital was invited for the vote of thanks. Dr Khandelwal, during his speech has thanked Dr Meena for the informative session, he also thanked the consultants and the employees present during the session. Dr PP Khandelwal has confirmed on behalf of all the present in the meeting for continued support and providing full cooperation for the improvement of quality and in furthering the Accreditation process”.

The session ended with leaving all the participants stimulating their minds to work further to fulfill the commitment made by the Medical Director for the improvement of the quality.