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Garlic is a herb grown around the world, yet native to Siberia. Apart from pleasing the taste buds, it is also used to treat a variety of medical conditions. Modern science has also confirmed its beneficial health effects. Some are listed below as well:

  1. Garlic when intaken, lowers the blood pressure. One of the most important drivers of cardiovascular diseases is a variation in blood pressure. Researchers have found that garlic supplements have a significant impact on reducing blood pressure in people with high blood pressure. It is also seen that supplement doses are equivalent to four cloves of garlic per day, and are hence effective.
  2. It also functions as a natural antibiotic, helping to reduce the severity of common illnesses like the flu and common cold.
  3. Garlic, even though it has low calories but is incredibly nutritious, with being a rich source of vitamin C, vitamin B6, manganese, along various other nutrients.
  4. Garlic is also known to contain antioxidants that protect against cell aging and damage. It is also seen as a substance reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.
  5. It is reported that odorless garlic demonstrates antithrombotic activities, and therefore is an effective remover of blood clots. Apart from removing blood clots, it also is an essential blood thinner in the body.
  6. The herb also contains anti-microbial properties that are integral to kill bacterias that are responsible for causing damage to the scalp. The destruction of the bacteria, therefore, promotes hair growth. Moreover, having a rich source of Vitamin C is another advantage for hair health.
  7. Garlic also effectively helps in reducing toothache pain. When crushed, an antibacterial compound called allicin is released, which therefore temporarily reduces tooth pain.

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