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24*7 service Rungta hospital

24x7 Medical Emergency

Available around the clock for critical medical emergencies

Rungta Hospital icu

Intensive Care Units (ICU)

Within our hospital, the ICU stands as a beacon of hope and healing for those in their most critical hours

Rungta Hospital icu


Within our hospital, the CTVS ICU stands as a beacon of hope and healing for those in their most critical hours

24x7 ambulance services in jaipur

24x7 Ambulance

Our 24/7 ambulance service is your lifeline in times of need, providing swift and reliable medical assistance around the clock.

Surgery and Operating Rooms Rungta Hospital

Surgery and Operating Rooms

In our hospital, surgical excellence thrives within state-of-the-art operating rooms, where precision meets healing.

ct scan rungta hospital

Diagnostic Imaging (X-rays, MRI, CT scans)

At our hospital, cutting-edge diagnostic imaging transforms uncertainty into answers.

Rungta Hospital deluxe Ward

Luxury and Deluxe Rooms

Rungta Hospital excels in deluxe and luxury accommodations, merging top-tier medical care with opulent amenities for an unparalleled patient experience.

Rungta Hospital Cath lab


Rungta Hospital’s cath lab offers cutting-edge cardiac care, advanced procedures, skilled specialists, and patient-centered treatments.

nervous system


Rungta Hospital: Unraveling the mysteries of your nervous system with precision through our comprehensive nerve conduction study services.

ultrasound consultation


Experience precision and care beyond sight at Rungta Hospital’s Endoscopy Unit—where thorough examinations illuminate a path to your lasting health and well-being.

Monitor showing brain activity


Rungta Hospital: Illuminating the complexities of brain activity with advanced EEG services, ensuring a clearer path to neurological well-being.

Rungta Hospital echo


Rungta Hospital: Echoing the rhythm of your heart’s health through our dual ECHO expertise, ensuring comprehensive cardiac care.

testing substances | Hospital Services


Rungta Hospital: Testing the resilience of your heart’s journey with precision through our TMT services, ensuring cardiovascular well-being.

Rungta hospital OT

Operating Theater

Rungta Hospital offers cutting-edge Operating Theaters equipped with state-of-the-art technology, ensuring precision, safety, and advanced surgical care.

blood drop Icon

Blood Bank

At Rungta Hospital’s Blood Bank, every drop counts in the symphony of life. Your safety is our commitment, ensuring a timely and secure supply to empower moments of hope and healing.

parking space icon


Our hospital parking: Providing easy access to care, so you can focus on what truly matters—your health.”

Inpatient Care

Inpatient Care

At our hospital, Inpatient Care is the heart of healing, where expertise and compassion come together to nurture your recovery.

outpatient care

Out Patient Care

Our Outpatient Care at the hospital ensures convenience and compassion, promoting health and well-being beyond the walls of our facility.

Rungta Hospital waiting room

Waiting Room

Rungta Hospital’s waiting room offers a serene environment, comfortable seating, amenities, and efficient service, ensuring a calming patient experience.

Rungta Hospital pharmacy


Rungta Hospital’s pharmacy provides a diverse range of medications, professional guidance, and timely service, catering to patients’ specific healthcare needs.

Rungta Hospital lab


Rungta Hospital’s laboratory offers cutting-edge diagnostics, skilled technicians, and accurate results, ensuring precise and comprehensive medical analysis for patients’ needs.

Rungta Hospital cafeteria


Rungta Hospital’s cafeteria offers nutritious meals, a comfortable ambiance, and diverse menu options, ensuring a satisfying dining experience for visitors.