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Rungta Hospital - The Best Cardiology Hospital in Jaipur

Searching for the Best Cardiology Hospital in Jaipur becomes quite daunting when you need proper cardiac care for your heart’s health. At Rungta Hospital, we understand that comprehensive Cardiac Care is the most vital part of treatment and that is why we are here with world-class treatment for Cardiology. 

Rungta Hospital is a Pioneer in the cardiology domain because we offer our patients expert care and also focus on providing the best possible treatment with the help of several advanced treatments that include Cardiac CT Scans, Cardiology, Echocardiography, and more.At Rungta Hospital, a reputed Cardiology Hospital in Jaipur, we understand that best heart and vascular care is an integral part of a healthy life. We have a team of dedicated individuals who specialize in diagnosing health conditions and preventing them with effective and evidence-based treatment.

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Cardiovascular System- What is it, Diseases and Treatments

The Human body consists of a network of organs, blood vessels, and structures that work together to make the blood flow throughout the human body. The heart, being the center of this system, is responsible for pumping the blood throughout the body while the blood vessels carry the blood from the heart to each part of the body. The lungs in the body are responsible for taking in the oxygen-rich air to the blood streams with the help of tiny air sacs that are known as alveoli. The heart in the human body has four chambers that are:

  • Two Lower Chambers or Ventricles.
  • Two Upper Chambers or atria.

Diseases Related to the Cardiovascular System

There are several heart-related diseases that are treated at the best Heart hospital in Jaipur, including:

Heart Stroke: A condition in which a part of the brain doesn’t get enough oxygen to function well and is caused due to the blockage of an artery.

Hypertension: A condition in which the patients experience high blood pressure.

Heart Failure: A condition in which the heart doesn’t pump enough blood that can circulate all around the body.

Arrhythmias: A condition in which the patients suffer from irregular heartbeat.

Best heart hospital | cardio surgeon in jaipur

Treatments Associated with Cardiovascular Diseases

Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery: It is an open heart surgery that is performed to open a ride in the arteries so that blood flow can be redirected from the clogged artery to the healthy blood vessel.

Open Heart Surgery: It is a procedure in which Bypass surgery is done to treat a condition in which blood pumps throughout the body instead of the heart.

Cardiac Device Implantation: In this surgical procedure, a pacemaker is used on a device that is useful in generating electric signals to replicate the heart rhythm.

Coronary Angioplasty: It is a surgical procedure in which a balloon is implanted and then it is inflated to open the arteries that are blocked, which is helpful in relieving the symptoms of heart disease in a patient.

Emergency Percutaneous Coronary Intervention: EPCI is a procedure in which a catheter is inserted into the heart of the patient to administer clot-busting medication that helps resolve a heart attack.

What makes us the best Heart hospital in Jaipur?

At Rungta Hospital, the best heart hospital in Jaipur, we focus on providing our patients with personalized and comprehensive treatment that supports and ensures that they gain and improve their quality of life. 

Our team of dedicated individuals with their unwavering commitment focuses on improving the patient’s life while preventing further health hazards and repairing heart conditions with the best possible outcome-driven treatments. The reason why we Excel in our domain is because:

Dedicated Team of Experts: One of the most important parts of a Cardiology hospital is its team and Rungta Hospital has a team of the best Cardiologists in Jaipur with many years of experience in the field. Our team of cardiovascular specialists is both certified and have significant credentials in their domain. 

Advanced Technology-Based Treatments: As a leading Cardiology Hospital in Jaipur, we focus on using Hi-Tech Technology so that the treatment can be offered in an effective way. Our team of experts is versed when it comes to utilizing modern techniques and technology to treat cardiac diseases. 

Patient-Centric Approach: What makes us stand out from the rest of our peers is that our team of cardiologist focuses on working with a Patient-Centric Approach. Our team is passionate about delivering the most acceptable treatment for the patients. 

Numerous Procedures Under One Roof: At Rungta Hospital, our patients’ well-being is all that matters to us and that is why we make sure that our team has all the experts for the apt treatment. We provide a comprehensive range of treatments and procedures all under one roof because of our experts who can offer treatments such as:

  • Cardiac Imaging, Vascular Care, and Diagnostic Testing
  • Heart Attack and Angioplasty Procedures
  • Catheter-based solutions
  • Pediatric Cardiac Care and Adult Congenital Heart Disease Treatments
  • Heart Transplants and Cardiac Rehabilitation
  • Advanced Heart Failure Treatments, and more.
Best Cardiology Hospital in Jaipur | Cardiologist

Facilities we cater at our heart specialist hospital in Jaipur

At Rungta Hospital, a well-recognized heart specialist hospital in Jaipur, we are focused on delivering our patients with complete treatment and facilities for a better outcome. Some of the facilities that we provide include:

  • Cardiac Catheterization Lab
  • Electrophysiology Lab- 3D Cardiac Mapping and Radio Ablation System
  • Well Equipped Operation Theatre
  • Emergency Cardiac Care
  • Echocardiography Lab
  • Advanced Heart Failure Centre and treatment
  • Comprehensive Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery Services, and more.

Why choose Rungta Hospital as the Best Cardiology Hospital in Jaipur?

Rungta Hospital is regarded as the Best Cardiology Hospital in Jaipur as we offer comprehensive cardiac care with a team that is reckoned for its experience and expertise. We combine experienced cardiac specialists with world-class facilities to provide our patients with advanced cardiac care. We are a preferred choice among our peers because we offer:

A dedicated team of highly qualified cardiologists

State of art infrastructure and technology

24*7 emergency services

Empanelled With All Organisations

International standard care at affordable prices

Excellent management of all kinds of non-interventional and interventional cardiology procedures.

At Rungta Hospital, we combine expert cardiac care with high-technology infrastructure and quality medical facilities that allow our team to provide comprehensive medical care. With us, you can be sure of getting safer, better, successful, and exceptional Cardiac care.

Our Empanelments

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes as per the variation in ECG, there are two types of heart attacks- ST- Elevation Myocardial Infraction( STEMI) and Non-ST Elevation Myocardial Infraction ( NSTEMI). In comparison to NSTEMI, STEMI is fatal.

Reducing the risk of developing a heart digit is best to maintain a disciplined lifestyle and also take care of your heart by keeping other diseases at bay. Make sure to exercise regularly and maintain a healthy weight. For more info, you can get in touch with our experts at our Cardiology Hospital in Jaipur.

Yes, family history plays an important role in developing heart disease and doubles the risk of developing such conditions. However, it also depends upon your lifestyle and health condition.

Yes, a heart attack is referred to as a condition that damages hard muscles whereas a stroke is a condition that paralyzes the person’s limbs or face, or any kind of neurological function because it damages the brain and leads to clotting or bleeding in the brain’s blood vessels.

When it comes to performing any kind of cardiac surgical procedure it is best to consult with an expert at Best Cardiology Hospital in Jaipur. Get in touch with our experts so that you can have thorough information about the procedure.

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