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Rungta Hospital- The Best Nephrology Hospital in Jaipur:

Renal diseases have become quite common, and these are diseases that affect the health of the kidney, which is a significant organ in the body. The kidney is an important organ when it comes to maintaining and filtering the waste and fluid balance in the body. That is why it is important to maintain the health of the kidney and get treated at the best Nephrology Hospital in Jaipur for overall well-being. Rungta Hospital is a pioneering name in the industry when it comes to Nephrological treatments. Our team of experts assists patients in maintaining a complete range of renal and kidney health. From kidney transplants to kidney stones, we provide holistic care to our patients with advanced technology and experience. We are a trusted name for offering a comprehensive range of healthcare services.

Nephrological System:-What is it, Diseases, and Treatments:

Nephrology refers to the branch of science that deals with kidney-related medical disorders. A Top Nephrology Hospital in Jaipur deals with several conditions to diagnose renal diseases and treat them as per their severity. Kidney-related diseases are usually classified into two parts:

Acute Kidney Injury:

It is a temporary loss of kidney function that may last less than 3 months. If the condition worsens in this, then it may result in developing a chronic injury.

Chronic Kidney Disease:

It is an injury that occurs when the damage cannot be reversed. The injury may last for at least 3 months, and one may require a kidney transplant or dialysis.

Diseases Related to the Nephrological System:

When it comes to the Nephrological department, kidney conditions affect the patients the most. These conditions are treated by Nephro Specialist Hospital in Jaipur. Some of the common conditions that are treated in the domain include:

Lupus Nephritis: A Condition in which inflammation of the kidneys occurs because of an autoimmune disease.

Kidney Failure: A condition in which the kidney becomes incapable of functioning well and leads to renal failure.

Amyloidosis: A condition in which an abnormal growth of protein( Amyloids)is noticed in different parts of the body.

Kidney Disease: It includes a wide range of damages to the kidney, resulting in system failure of the organ.

Renal Insufficiency: A Condition under which the flow of blood to kidneys reduces because of Renal artery disease.

Nephrology Hospital in jaipur | Nephrologist

Treatments Associated with Nephrological Diseases:

When it comes to treating renal or kidney-related diseases, the best Nephrologists in Jaipur will employ every kind of test and examination to provide precise treatment for the severity of the condition. Some of the treatment provided in the department includes:

Glomerular Filtration:

It is a test that is useful for measuring the overall functionality of the kidney in maintaining and filtering the waste and access water present in the blood.

Blood Creatinine Test:

It is a test that is useful in checking the creatinine level, which is the result of waste produced when the muscles are broken down and exerted through urine.


It is a type of treatment for removing waste and extra blood from the body with the help of hemodialysis and perineonetial dialysis. It is useful in kidney-related conditions.

Kidney Transplantation:

It is a surgical procedure in which the kidney is replaced with a healthier one donated by another person. It is usually an option for end-stage renal diseases.


Swap Kidney Transplant:

A procedure is performed to prevent organ shortage and requires two people to donate and receive the kidney matching as per the blood group of the patient.

Critical Care Nephrology:

It is a condition where damaged kidneys do not work properly, and a team is required to prevent permanent damage to the kidneys with all the possible means.

What makes us the best Nephrology Hospital in Jaipur?

Rungta Hospital is not just an ordinary name in the industry, as we are a benchmark for providing personalized treatment and assistance when it comes to the nephrology department. We have become a leading Nephro specialist hospital in Jaipur because of our dedication and commitment to our patients.

We have a team of dynamic individuals who are experts in their domain and provide equations with precise diagnosis and assistance. We excel in our field because we:

A Team of the best Nephrologists in Jaipur:

At Rungta Hospital, we pride ourselves on having an expert who is always there to provide precise diagnoses and Treatments to the patients.

Extensive Care:

We understand that give me reply emergency care at any time, and that is why we provide you around-the-clock support for Nephrological care.


Rungta Hospital is all about providing accurate treatment with the help of skilled doctors and technically advanced infrastructure for our patient’s well-being.

All Tests and Imaging at One Facility:

When it comes to providing top-notch services, nothing can beat us to provide our patients with all the necessary facilities at our hospital. All the procedures, tests, and treatments are provided by us under the supervision of a skilled team, such as:

  • Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy
  • Liver Dialysis
  • Ultrasound and CT Scan
  • Blood Creatinine Test
  • Kidney Biopsy
  • Urine Test
  • Glomerular Filtration Rate and more
Nephrology hospital in jaipur | nephrologist

Facilities We Cater at our Nephrology specialist hospital in Jaipur:

As a recognized name in the industry, Rungta Hospital has always delivered top-notch healthcare services to patients, and that is why we are a well-known Nephrology Hospital in Jaipur. We have become a top providing accurate outcomes and diagnosis with all the necessary facilities. Some of the facilities that we offer to the patients include:

  • Kidney transplantation
  • Swap kidney transplantations
  • ABO-incompatible and Paired Exchange Transplantation
  • Neonatal and Paediatric Procedure
  • Laparoscopic Donor Nephrectomy Desensitisation Therapy
  • Dialysis and more

Why Choose Rungta Hospital as the Best Nephrology Hospital in Jaipur?

Ever since our inception, we have always tried to be the best in terms of providing healthcare services. Rungta Hospital, the best Nephrological hospital in Jaipur, has been transforming the lives of many with the most satisfactory and holistic treatment. With a team that is dedicated to providing only top-notch services and advanced Nephrological care, we have become a torch bearer of all-inclusive treatments. We are a well-recognised name in the medical domain because we have the following:

Intensive Nephrology Care

A Team of Professionals and Board certified Nephrologists

24*7 Nephrological Treatments and Emergency Services

International Standard Medical Care

Cost Effective Nephrological Treatments

Empanelled Hospital

We are a remarkable name in the industry because we provide standard Healthcare and high-quality assistance by combining the skills of expert and Hi-Tech facilities. Reach out to us and be sure to get a comprehensive range of Nephrological Treatment and care.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When you go for a visit to a nephrologist, the specialist may go through all the information regarding your medical history. After that, you may be required to get a complete body examination as well as a blood and urine test. The specialist will provide you with treatment accordingly.

In the early stages of any kind of Kidney disease, you may experience some kind of nonspecific symptoms such as changes in the urine amount, sleep troubles, fatigue, and more. If you think that you are at higher risk of kidney disease or have any other disease such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, etc, then you can go for regular tests to monitor your health for preventing renal diseases.

Nephro specialist hospitals in Jaipur often suggest dialysis if the patient reaches the stage of Kidney failure where the functioning of the kidney deteriorates around 85 to 90%.

Patients suffering from irreversible kidney diseases may not respond to any kind of medical treatment. At this point of treatment at a top Nephrology Hospital in Jaipur, the patient is suggested to go on dialysis or go on dialysis to become eligible for a kidney transplant.

If you have any kind of chronic kidney disease, there may be some long-term complications that may include:

  • Chronic anemia and high blood pressure
  • Chronic or acute kidney failure
  • The patients may also suffer from cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack and stroke.

It is best to go for daily checkups or consult the best Nephrologists in Jaipur to prevent such complications.

Also known as kidney failure, it is the last stage of any kind of chronic kidney disease in which the kidney stops operating. Patients suffering from the disease require dialysis on a daily basis or may require kidney transplantation to survive. Mostly acute, meaning temporary, cannot be corrected; that is why it is best to get treated at the best Nephrological hospital in Jaipur for immediate assistance and treatment.

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