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In your body, there are more than 300 bones and ligaments. Even one defective bone or joint might cause problems since it can be the most awful thing you have ever experienced. If you experience instability when being on your feet for even a moment, it is worthwhile to speak with the top orthopedic doctor in Jaipur. The Orthopedic doctors of Rungta Hospital are experts in treating a wide range of conditions on a daily basis. Rungta Hospital is the Best Orthopedic Hospital in Jaipur which is located at Calgiri Road, Malviya Nagar.

What is Orthopedic?

The term “orthopedic conditions” refers to any issues with the skeletal system. Bones, joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and skin make up the skeletal system.

Osteoarthritis: Osteoarthritis is degenerative joint disease that causes pain and stiffness. When patients try to use or move the injured joint, the pain frequently gets worse.

Osteoporosis : Osteoporosis is a disorder that results in weak bones. Due to their increased bone loss after menopause, women are more likely to develop osteoporosis.

Rheumatoid arthritis: Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune illness that causes inflammation of the joints, causing discomfort and swelling in many body parts, including the fingers and toes.

Who Does Orthopedist Do? – Orthopedist Role

Orthopedic surgeons treat musculoskeletal trauma, spine problems, injuries from exercise, degenerative diseases, infections, tumors, and genetic diseases using both surgical and nonsurgical procedures. 

If you are experiencing any orthopaedic issues with your knees, shoulders, wrists, or many other areas, get the best care possible by visiting the Best Orthopedic Hospital in Jaipur. 

Along with standard surgical and medical procedures, orthopaedics also includes treatments from physical therapy, occupational therapy, and rehabilitation.  

Shoulder Joint | Orthopedic Hospital

Services of the Best Orthopaedic Hospital in Jaipur

The best orthopaedic care is provided by Rungta Hospital based on the needs of its patients. It is one of the top orthopedic hospital in Jaipur which provides comprehensive care for all orthopaedic disorders. We offer a well-run orthopedic department with all the facilities needed for varied orthopedic needs, both for diagnosis and treatment. Our services includes: –
Shoulder Treatment:- Shoulder surgery is a type of surgery where the main goal is to repair the muscles, ligaments, or damaged joints that result from overuse or trauma to the shoulders. It is a kind of procedure used to fix or enhance the shoulder joint’s functionality. The most frequent cause of shoulder surgery is the reconstruction of a torn rotator cuff. Repairing a dislocated shoulder, treating a shoulder fracture, or resolving an impingement are some more justifications for shoulder surgery.

Knee Replacement:- Patients experiencing discomfort in their knees due to arthritis, which damages the cartilage in the knee joint and affects millions of individuals worldwide as they age, can find relief and improved function with total knee replacement surgery. The process replaces the damaged or worn-out knee components with artificial ones. According to the doctor’s assessment, either one or both knees can have surgery done at the same time.

Total Hip Replacement:- In a total hip replacement, the diseased bone and cartilage in the hip joint are removed and replaced with an artificial joint that may contain pieces of different bones. This procedure aims to make the hip joint pain-free and functional again. Patients suffering from severe hip osteoarthritis frequently benefit from this operation.

Elbow Replacement:- Elbow replacement involves using a prosthetic joint to replace the sick or damaged elbow joint. Elbow replacement is regarded as a therapeutic and reconstructive procedure. When the tendons, ligaments, or bones that surround the elbow joint are damaged, it helps. The main objectives of total elbow replacement surgery are to enhance function and lessen pain.

Physiotherapy:- Patients can heal from illnesses and injuries with the use of physiotherapy. It can also stop illnesses and injuries from happening again. Physical activities and manual tissue manipulation are part of physiotherapy. These therapies increase joint and muscle strength, decrease discomfort, and increase mobility.

Fracture Surgeries:- To stabilize shattered bones, metal implants, pins, screws, and plates are used in fracture surgeries. Patients who have broken bones in their arms, legs, or spine are treated by orthopedic surgeons. Injuries or accidents-related fractures may also be treated with it.

Why Choose Rungta Hospital for Orthopedics

Why we think you should choose Rungta Hospital for the best orthopedic treatment is that we consistently work to put our patients’ needs first, providing them with high-quality medical care and a comfortable environment that can help them heal more quickly and successfully. Rungta Hospital works hard to stay ahead of the curve and to expand and source new services on a regular basis.                                  

Qualified orthopedists

v  Highest quality treatment

24-hour emergency help

Highest Standard Parameters in Medical Care

Empanelled and Affordable

Excellent management of all kinds of non-interventional and interventional Orthopedic procedures.

Rungta Hospital is among best orthopedic hospital in Jaipur. We put a lot of effort into providing patients with the best possible care. We have nationally trained specialists on our staff who have undergone significant training in a variety of specializations.                    

Our Orthopedicians

MBBS, MS (Ortho)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Our orthopedic surgeon will analyze the patient’s medical history and perform an extensive physical examination after learning more about the patient’s overall health. The doctor may then ask for the appropriate tests to find out how well your body is doing.

Surgery on your musculoskeletal system is called orthopaedic surgery. Conditions that impact your bones, muscles, and joints can be identified, treated, repaired, and prevented with it.

A ligament injury can be found via an MRI. This test produces images of the body using magnetic waves, allowing for the detection of soft tissue injuries such ligament tears. To learn more about it, visit the best orthopedic hospital in Jaipur.

The injured bone layer’s cartilage layer is resurfaced and replaced with an artificial metal joint implant in a very successful and skillful technique known as total knee replacement. TKR is a highly effective and goal-oriented procedure. Following a knee replacement, patients are pain-free and no longer dependent on medicines to go through their everyday tasks. Receive fast care at best orthopedic hospital in Jaipur.

The mussels preserving process & a committed crew significantly shorten the normal period of 4-5 days.

We use brain imagining determining the critical condition of the tumor and also working with a team of neurosurgeons to take a biopsy of the tumor and reach out to confirm the precise diagnosis. We may also start with steroids, which help in reducing brain swelling. In case surgical removal is not an option, we opt for chemotherapy and radiation therapy for a more effective treatment.

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