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Dr. Reena Lamba

Consultant – Dermatology

Monday to Saturday

(10:00 AM to 04:00 PM)

Rungta Hospital: Top Dermatologist in Jaipur for Exceptional Skin Care

Rungta Hospital, renowned for cardiac excellence in Jaipur, leads in cardiac sciences, providing premier services. As the forefront of cardiac care, we offer groundbreaking treatments for critical heart conditions. Our cardiology department boasts top cardiologists and surgeons specializing in TAVR, PTCA, LAVD, shockwave lithroscopy, mitra clip, angioplasty, and more.

With a commitment to cutting-edge technology and world-class service, we ensure the best care for our patients. For those seeking the best cardiologist in Jaipur or a heart specialist in Jaipur, Rungta Hospital stands as a beacon of expertise and compassionate care.

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