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4 Sources of Protein for Vegetarians

4 Sources of Protein

It is a myth that only non-veg food such as chicken and fish are the only food rich in protein. There are many vegetables, nuts and pulses that are rich in proteins. Some of the good options of protein for vegetarians ar mentioned below: Oats It is amongst the most nutrient-dense food that can be taken. Its quality protein is around 11-17% of the dry weight which is relatively greater than most other grains. The two significant proteins present are avenalin and gluten, with a high portion of other nutrients. Quinoa A grain that is a powerful source of protein, and is low in fat, and rich in other nutrients. Each cup is approximately 9 grams of protein & is excellent for diabetic patients as well. Lentils This edible legume contains about 9 grams of protein in every 100 grams. It is rich in protein and other nutrients, whereas is low in fat which all the more makes it a perfect substitute for a meal. Nuts Cashew nuts and almonds are excellent sources of proteins. About 20 to 25 whole almonds can give about 6 grams of protein. Mixed nuts provide a boost of energy and are rich in nutritional value.