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Contact lenses are thin lenses placed directly on the surface of the eyes. It is estimated that over 150 million people worldwide make use of these ocular prosthetic devices. These transparent thin discs are for both cosmetic and therapeutic reasons and are typically soft and easily accessible. Even though they are a safe and effective way to correct vision for most people, there are certain directions avoided by the people which leads to serious unavoidable circumstances. There are several directions guided by an eye specialist, which are, however, overlooked by most people worldwide.

Let’s start with an instance. There was a girl who visited a party, and suddenly her eyes got red and full of water. No one there knew why this happened. She got admitted to the hospital and that’s when she got to know that she has become permanently blind because of her contact lenses. Below are the following possible reasons for the same, suggested
by the doctor:

  • Contact lenses are made of plastic and the girl might have possibly worn them in places of heat such as that near flames or cooking. That is what possibly melted her contact lens.
  • She possibly got makeup, hairspray, or other cosmetics after she put on her contact lens. Using hairspray is safe until the eye is closed but however might be dangerous when the lens is put on.
  • She might have swum in the swimming pool with contact lenses, which is destructive as chlorine and chemicals can increase the risk of bacterias that reside in the pool.
  • She might have used someone else’s contact lenses even though the prescription might be the same. The implication behind using someone else’s contact lens is because of the size as every lens fits differently to everyone.
  • She might have stored her lens without a solution which leads to a quick dry-up of the same.
  • She might have not rinsed her contact lenses before wearing them. The protein deposits are loosened while soaking and therefore need to be cleaned before inserting in the eyes.
  • She might have used tap water to rinse and soak her lenses. Minerals and impurities in the water can lead to bacterias being absorbed through the eyes and can lead to further infections.
  • She might have worn her lenses with dirty hands.
  • She might have touched her lenses with saliva. Using saliva can be dangerous because of the potential number of bacterias in the same solution.

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