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Rungta Hospital- The Best Pulmonology Hospital in Jaipur:

With the growing pollution and unhealthy lifestyle, developing lung and respiratory tract-related diseases are quite common. That’s the reason why there is a need for the best treatment at the best Pulmonology hospital in Jaipur. As one of the pioneering names in the industry, Rungta Hospital is here with a perfect blend of expertise, compassion, and innovation in terms of providing groundbreaking treatment. With the help of a professional and highly qualified team of Pulmonologists, our patients get the optimum treatment, from routine checkups to complex procedures. From normal breathing issues and chronic cough to complicated health conditions, we provide holistic care and assistance at every stage of treatment.

Pulmonology System:-What is it, Diseases, and Treatments:

Pulmonology refers to a subspeciality of internal medicine that is focused on providing diagnosis and treatment related to the respiratory tract.
Several diseases and conditions related to the respiratory tract and lung disorders are diagnosed and treated under this specialty under the supervision of an expert at the top Pulmonology Hospital in Jaipur.

The respiratory system includes:
• Windpipe
• Bronchial tubes
• Lungs
• Sinuses
• Nose and mouth
• Throat
• Voice Box
• ‘Diaphragm

Diseases Related to the Pulmonological System:

The Pulmonology unit requires the specialist to perform every kind of treatment, some procedures that can help in improving the health of the patients. Such conditions are treatable under the expert care of the Pulmonology Specialist Hospital in Jaipur. This includes:

Asthma: It is a condition that is characterized by difficulty in breathing and is a chronic health condition that increases gradually.

COPD: It is a condition that leads to obstruction of airflow in the lungs, resulting in breathing difficulty.

Interstitial Lung Disease: It is a condition that affects the alveoli in the lungs, resulting in inflammation and scarring.

Chronic Cough: It is a condition in which chronic cough lasts for 4 weeks or longer in children and adults.

Cystic Fibrosis: A condition that is an inherited disorder causing damage to the lungs, digestive system, and other organs.

Mesothelioma: A type of cancer that is known to occur in the thin layer of tissue covering the internal organs of the body.

Pulmonology Hospital in Jaipur

Treatments Associated with Pulmonological Diseases:

When it is about providing holistic treatment for several conditions and diseases, the best Pulmonologist in Jaipur usually employs several platforms and tests to provide a precise treatment as per the condition. Some of these include:

Bronchoscopy: A technique in which a small camera is located at the end of a flexible tube to look at the air passages.

Lung Volume Reduction Surgery: A Procedure that helps the patient breathe easier that is damaged due to severe COPD.

Endobronchial Valve Therapy: A minimally invasive procedure to improve lung function and improve breathing.

Pleuroscopy: A type of procedure helpful in removing small tissue samples from the patient’s pleura.

Minimally Invasive Thoracic Surgery: It is a surgical procedure in which small chest incisions are done to get to the lungs.

What makes us the Best Pulmonology Treatment Hospital in Jaipur?

As a prominent name in the medical industry, Rungta Hospital is more than just a name but a symbol of providing advanced and personalized pulmonological diagnosis and treatment. We are the best Pulmonological hospital in Jaipur because we excel in terms of providing the best medical assistance with unwavering commitment.

We excel in the industry, as we have a team that goes above and beyond to offer patients with exceptional care. With us, you are sure to get a precise diagnosis and treatment for the Pulmonology conditions. We are the best:

Sound Infrastructure and Amenities:

When it comes to having a technology-embedded system and operation theatre, we definitely are the best in the field because of our fully equipped infrastructure and amenities.

A Team of Pulmonology Professionals:

Our teams of professionals are experts in the field and provide you with accurate emergency care and treatment. Our team is compassionate and dedicated to providing the best treatment.

Around-the-clock Pulmonology Care:

The reason why we are a well-known name in our domain is because we provide our patients with 24* 7 pulmonological care and services. Along with providing expert care, we also provide emotional support.

A Wide Range of Tests and Diagnostic Services:

Rungta Hospital is a top name in the industry when it comes to offering several procedures and tests all under one room so that we can cater to all the necessary requirements and needs of the patients. Some of the tests and facilities that we provide to our patients are:

  • CT Scan Guided Lung Biopsy
  • Lobectomy
  • Oxygen Therapy
  • Lung Function Tests
  • Imaging Tests
  • Pulse Oximetry Test
  • Chest Ultrasound and more
Pulmonology Hospital in Jaipur

Facilities We Cater at our Pulmonologist hospital in Jaipur:

As a pioneering name in the medical industry, Rungta Hospital is always there with an unwavering dedication to providing patients with the best care. We are a team of experts at the Pulmonology Specialist Hospital in Jaipur catering to the patient’s needs with diagnosis and procedures such as:

  • CT Scan
  • Exhaled Nitric Oxide Test
  • Endobronchial Ultrasound
  • Echocardiogram
  • Sputum Test
  • A comprehensive range of Pulmonological Procedures and Tests

Why Choose Rungta Hospital as the Best Pulmonology Hospital in Jaipur?

The reason why we are known as one of the most reputed Hospital industries is that once our team has an accurate diagnosis, a treatment plan is created as per the condition. We are the Best Pulmonologist Hospital in Jaipur as we curate Personalized plans that consist of several medications, pulmonary rehabilitation, and therapies. We are the top hospital in the field of Pulmonology as we offer the following:

Holistic Pulmonology Care

Affordable Treatment and Empanelled Hospital

High Tech Operation Theatre and State-of-the-art facilities

24*7 Pulminological Care and Emergency Services

Top-Notch Treatment and Personalized Care

A Board Certified Team of Pulmonologists

We are a symbol of excellence and provide our patients with advanced, and that is why we offer top-notch Medical assistance and procedures. With our dedicated team and Technology-driven treatments, we are here to change the lives of our patients with holistic care.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you are suffering from any kind of lung and respiratory-related diseases, then you should visit a specialist. Some of the symptoms include:

  • Dizziness and chest pain or tightness
  • Symptoms such as extreme tiredness or loud snoring which are similar to the symptoms of sleep apnea
  • Shortness of breath or wheezing
  • Chronic cough

When you go for your first appointment with a Pulmonologist, the specialist may ask you to fill out your medical history and also ask you for a physical examination. After understanding your concerns and symptoms, the specialist will curate a plan for a proper diagnosis and treatment of your condition.

Some of the conditions that are treated by pulmonologists at a Pulmonology specialist hospital in Jaipur are Lung Cancer, Pulmonary Fibrosis, COPD, Cystic Fibrosis, Work-related lung disease, Tuberculosis, and more.

If you are willing to quit smoking then it is possible with the help of the best Pulmonologist in Jaipur. The specialist will prescribe you some medication that will help you in quitting smoking. The medication that will be prescribed in the prescription may contain nicotine gum, lozenges, or nicotine patches.

If you think that you might have an issue in your lungs, you should get in touch with a specialist at the best Pulmonological hospital in Jaipur. The specialist will conduct a pulmonary function test to measure the airflow and lung size and how effectively your lungs are working. If any kind of lung disorder is found, then the specialist will provide you with a diagnosis and treatment as per your condition.

A Pulmonologist at the Best Pulmonology Hospital in Jaipur diagnoses and treats conditions that are related to the respiratory tract and lungs, while on the other hand, chest surgeons focus on treating the patients with the help of surgical procedures such as lungs, heart, esophagus, and other chest organs.

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